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Loomis Enzymes, Therazyme and Chirozyme brand enzymes all formulated by Dr. Howard Loomis and Enzyme Formulations can only be purchased by patients of licensed health care professionals. We carry all enzyme products manufactured by Dr. Loomis and Enzyme Formulations. You may become a patient of ours for free and then order enzyme supplements by clicking here and requesting a signs and symptoms survey form. Once the form is filled out you will be able to order enzyme supplements from us.

If you require services beyond a signs and symptoms survey, our patients enjoy free phone consultations, 24 hour urinalysis and palpation exams at substantially discounted fees. Our patients can also receive substantial discounts on enzyme supplements. We will beat all advertised prices and we offer free shipping.

My name is Dr. Paul S. Inselman. Patients from all over the country enjoy ordering all of their Loomis Enzyme Supplements from because I have been in clinical practice for 31 years and I have been personally trained by Dr. Loomis. From 2007-2013 I was the director of Professional Development working directly with Dr. Loomis at the Loomis Institute now called the Food Enzyme Institute. These qualifications make me uniquely qualified to help you determine the correct Loomis products and their usage

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